Tuesday, January 03, 2017

January 3 - Lazarus (Album Of The Year edition)

There really wasn't a question what I would consider album of the year for 2016 (for a fuller list you will have to wait - hopefully I am ready with one for tomorrow). Although, I have to admit, that after giving myself some distance to it, I was very excited when I played it again and it still sounded as good as I remembered it. Some may argue that it had an unfair advantage over other albums, as it was released on January 8, almost a full year ago, so I have had more time with it than other albums, but I doubt it would have mattered. And while the fact that it is more or less a self-penned eulogy does bear some emotional weight, the album is just as good when I am listening to it with some more distance to the death of one of my greatest 'Heroes'. The album is of course Blackstar by David Bowie, the jazziest and trippiest album of his career - and one of his absolute best. It is worth a listen - and then another one and another one - and you will discover just how beautifully crafted this album is. There are only seven tracks on the album, and they are all rock solid. One of the songs that was a slower riser for me is the track that also gave its name to a play he worked on based on his music (and the original cast recording from this play is also worth listening to): Lazarus.

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