Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 27 - Great King Rat

Today we're going to go back in time. The year was 1973, and  after having worked on their debut album for just about a year starting back in December 1971 and finishing The recording of it in the latter part of 1972, Queen's debut album, simply named Queen, was finally released. It didn't sell well initially, having a hard time reaching any of the charts,  but as Queen grew in popularity, so did the album, which finally peaked at number 24 on UK album charts in 1975, the same year they released A Night At The Opera featuring the classic Bohemian Rhapsody. Their debut album is certified gold both in UK in the USA, but it's still not a very well-known album.

 I was introduced to their debut album by Jan Are.  He had both Queen and Queen II on tape, and I borrowed them and play them half to death. I was initially blown away by the sheer aggression and power that I heard on their first two albums. It was very different from the Queen I already was familiar with, like the albums News Of The World and the aforementioned A Night At The Opera.  Of the songs on the album, it is really just Keep Yourself Alive and Seven Seas Of Rhye, which really was an instrumental teaser for the Queen II, that was played live extensively throughout their career. To me, that is a shame because the song like Great King Rat, which is the song of the day, really deserves a broader audience.

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