Thursday, December 29, 2016

December 29 - Sweet Ride

I am feeling a tad pensive today. The year is almost over, which means my commitment to myself of posting a song a day is almost over. However, the blog isn't going anywhere. I have ideas for my next project as well - but then again I am also open for suggestions and challenges. So today I want to open up for comments and suggestions for 2017. I have thoughts for a summary of my personal experience writing for New Year's Eve, and before that there is a birthday to celebrate, so I still have things left for this year as well. The project for next year will also be unveiled on New Year's Eve - or rather it will be finalized then, as I am still not certain what the plan will be.

But before all of that, there is today. And to match my pensive mood, I have picked out a fantastic little song. I encountered this song during my time in Studentradion i Bergen, and I have played another song from the same collection earlier this year. It is a song from Rare On Air Vol 2 (1995), and it is a song that originally was by the band Belly as a B-side to the Gepetto EP (1992) from their first album, Star (1993). However, in this very sparse and emotional version, it is the leader of Belly - and the song's writer/composer, Tanya Donelly who performs it, and wow, what a performance it is... Please enjoy this Sweet Ride!

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